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Trip Facts

Prices from: INR 654150/- + GST per person. (GBP 7650 Approx.)
Accommodation: Budget lodges/hotels/hostels/home-stays & bush camps (dome tents).
Max. Participants: 8
Min. Participants: 4
No. Of crew: 2 (+1 Local guides for few locations)
Vehicle type: Adventure maxi-van
Duration: Days- 82, Nights- 81 (Approx.)
Meals: Breakfast X 81, Lunch X 81, Dinner X 81
Departure: Leh
End: Guwahati

Departure date:
  1. 20th September, 2018 - Guaranteed departure (3 Seat left) 
  2. 20th September, 2019


Trip Map

Overlanding, Trip Map
  1. Great Indian Himalayas
  2. Snow capped mountains
  3. World's highest motorable road
  4. Houseboat stays
  5. Kargil war famous peaks
  6. High Mountain passes
  7. Buddhist monasteries
  8. High altitude lakes
  9. Food cooked nowhere else
  10. Himalayan foothills national parks
  11. Tiger
  12. Snow leopard
  13. Leopard
  14. Tahr
  15. Red panda
  16. Asiatic elephants
  17. One horned rhinoceros
  18. Stunning birdlife
  19. Water buffalo
  20. Golden Langur Monkey
  21. World heritage sites of Nepal
  22. Birth place of Gautam Buddha
  23. Adventure sports
  24. Remote tribal villages
  1. Leh (Trip departs - highest desert city)
  2. Turtuk (Remote tribal village)
  3. Tso kar (high altitude alpine lake)
  4. Jispa (riverside stay)
  5. Manali (hill station)
  6. Spiti valley (desert mountain valley)
  7. Kullu (hill station)
  8. Great Himalayan National Park (trek in high altitude national park)
  9. Shimla (Hill station)
  10. Dehradun (Stopover)
  11. Mussoorie (Hill station)
  12. Rishikesh (Banks of Ganges – river rafting)
  13. Jim Corbett National Park (Tigers, elephants and more)
  14. Ghatgarh (Birding, nature trails)
  15. Nainital (hill station, birding - Sattal, Pangot)
  16. Dudhwa National Park (Elephants, tigers, rhinos, crocs)
  17. Bardia National Park – Nepal (Gharial crocs, rhinos, elephants & birds)
  18. Lumbini (birth place of Gautam Buddha)
  19. Pokhra (place to relax, Tibetan bazaars, Phewa lake)
  20. Chitwan National Park – (Elephants, rhinos, tigers)
  21. Kathmandu (City tour)
  22. Koshi tapu wildlife sanctuary (birding)
  23. Siliguri (Stopover & time to relax)
  24. Darjeeling (Hill station, tea gardens)
  25. Singalila National Park (Drive/trek, chance for red pandas)
  26. Gangtok (City tour)
  27. Neora Valley National Park (Nature trail/treks for red panda)
  28. Jaldapara National Park (Rhinos & elephants)
  29. Manas National park (Elephants, rhinos, water buffalo, tigers, capped langur, golden langur)
  30. Kaziranga National Park (Grassland ecosystem, tigers, elephants, rhinos, water buffalos)
  31. Guwahati (Trip ends)

This is the longest of any trips that we offer. All of Overland Expedition India’s experience, expertise & knowledge have been combined together to design this itinerary for you. It is arguably the best way to experience pretty much everything that Himalayas has to offer. Right from snow capped peaks, high mountain passes, world’s highest motorable road, high altitude lakes, deserts, mountain and foothills wildlife, highly endemic species, hill stations, home stays, treks, safaris, adventure sports, monasteries, temples, mosques, culture, tribes, food, beautiful sceneries & roads, Himalayan hospitality and lots more are all there to be experienced. This trip’s difficulty level is medium to tough (because of high altitude). It is suitable for friends/family travelling as a group or solo travellers.


Day 1 –  4: Leh – The high desert city

Fly to Leh. Leh is a high desert city which was once the capital of Ladakh and the altitude is 3500m. It was originally just a stop for trading caravans on the ancient trade routes. The first 2 days in Leh are just for acclimatisation and trip meetings before we start our Himalayan adventure. On the third day we will explore the massive 17th century Leh Palace modelled on the Tibet’s Potala Palace. The following day we will visit some of the other highlights of the town which primarily includes monasteries and stupas.

Activities included: Visit to the Leh Palace. 2 X day tours of Leh

Optional activities: Visit to the magnetic hill.


Day 5 – 7: Turtuk – The northern most remote tribal village

Drive to the Baltistinian village of Turtuk – 205 km of hill driving with amazing views. Turtuk is literally as close to Pakistan as you will get in India. It was on the line of control during the 1971 Indo-Pak war.  This is not a touristy place at all, but definitely a hidden gem. We don’t have a lot of activities planned here. We will spend our time here exploring the local village, their lifestyle and the local cuisines. You will have plenty of time to just absorb in everything.


Day 8: Leh

Drive back to Leh – drive of 205 km. This is just a stopover for us.


Day 9 - 10: Tso Kar - The high altitude lake

Drive to Tso Kar – Drive of 160 km. It is one of the three high altitude lakes in the area. Accommodation will be in a tented camp. It is one of a kind brackish lake. It is also known as the white lake due to the salt deposit on the sides. We will spend the day 2 exploring the lake and the area around.


Day 11 – 12: Jispa – A riverside village

Drive to the picturesque village of Jispa – Mountainous drive of 230 km. Accommodation will be in tented camps. The riverside and the mountain backdrop of Jispa is sure to leave anyone breathless. It is just a stopover spot but we have an extra day here to check out some of the Buddhist gompas and chortens.

Activities included: Local tour of the area

Optional activities: A village walk through the local mud house settlements.


Day 13 – 15: Manali – A high altitude Himalayan resort town

Drive to the bustling hill station of Manali – easy drive of 140 km. Accommodation will be in a comfortable hostel. 3 days for Manali is just not enough but we can’t stay longer due to the long duration of this trip. There are lots of things to do in Manali. On the second day we will visit some temples which have interesting stories behind them in the Hindu mythology. On day 3 you have the option to visit the nearby Solang valley to experience paragliding, river rafting etc. Exploring the bazaars and streets of Manali will also be very interesting

Activities included: One full day city tour.

Optional activities: Visit to Solang Valley for various adventure sports.



Day 16 – 18: Spiti Valley – Indian Tibet

It is a cold desert Himalayan valley with centuries old tradition, ancient lifestyle, beautiful monasteries and lakes. Accommodation will be in the Asia’s highest hostel near Kaza. We will be doing full day tour to explore Buddhist Gompas like the Tabo gompa, dhankar gompa and a high altitude lake named Chandratal.

Activities included: one full day tour

Optional activities: visit to the Kunzum pass, lhalung monastery



Day 19 – 20: Kullu – literally means end of the habitable world

Drive to the hill town of Kullu – mountainous drive of 230 km. Accommodation will be in a Homestay/hotel. It is a valley sandwiched between the higher and the lower Himalayas. It is a picturesque hill station and we are here to relax. No activities are planned here. Although a half day tour can be arranged from our side if everyone is interested.

Optional activities: Half day tour for a few points of interest.


Day 21 – 23: The great Himalayan National Park

Drive to Tirthan – an easy drive of 70 km. This forms the base for our short trek into the park. Accommodation will be a mix of bamboo huts, eco camps and home stays. It is one of the very few areas which let us take a peek at the high altitude Himalayan wildlife. During our treks we have very good chances of coming across the Himalayan Tahr, blue sheep, And Himalayan Brown Bear. Although snow leopards are also present here but are extremely difficult to find. We have 3 days trek planned in the park.


Day 24 – 26: Shimla – summer capital of British India

Drive to Shimla – a hilly drive of 200 km. Accommodation will be in a hotel/Homestay. Shimla is a beautiful hill station with numerous places to interest us. We will explore the mall road which is full of restaurants, shops etc. Shimla also has India’s second oldest church, known as the Christ church. We have 1 full day tour planned for Shimla. The second day in Shimla will be at leisure. One of the optional activities in Shimla can be the Himalayan toy train ride.

Optional activities: Himalayan toy train ride (at your own expense)


Day 27: Dehradun

Drive to the city of Dehradun – hill drive of 225 km. Accommodation will be in a city hotel. We just have a stopover night in Dehradun. No activities are planned here.


Day 28 – 30: Mussoorie

Drive to Mussoorie. It is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. In the next 2 days we will explore the sights and scenes around this town. The food here needs a special mentions and something to look forward to.

Included activities: 1 full day tour of Mussoorie  


Day 31 – 33: Rishikesh – the river rafting hub

Drive to Shivpuri just outside Rishikesh – A easy drive of 50 km. Accommodation will be in tents pitched on the banks of River Ganges. It s one of the most scenic campsites on the trip. This is our base for a lot of adventure sports on the Ganges. We have two river rafting session planned here. One of the days will be at leisure. Optional activities here can be kayaking and canoeing in the rapids of the Ganges.

Optional activities: Kayaking / canoeing on the river (at your own expense)


Day 34 – 36 : Jim Corbett National Park

Drive to the Corbett National Park – easy drive of 200 km. Accommodation will be camping in dome tents. Corbett is India’s oldest national park. It is also one of the biggest tiger reserve. Home to the majestic tiger, leopard, elephants, deer etc and with over 600 bird species, it is definitely one of the richest wildlife areas in India. We have 4 Jungle safaris planned here.


Day 37 – 38: Ghatgarh – the birding paradise

Drive to the small hamlet of Ghatgarh – easy drive of 60 km through the jungles and hills. Accommodation will be camping in the dome tents. Ghatgarh is one of the secrets pretty much exclusive to us. It is one of the richest birding areas that we know about. We have several short walks planned here to explore the area and its birds.


Day 39 – 41: Nainital – combined with Sattal & Pangot

Drive to the picturesque town of Nainital – Easy hill drive of 50 km. Accommodation will be in a Homestay/hotel. As the name suggests, its a hill station known for its beautiful water bodies. The main lake in the middle of the town itself is very beautiful. We have one day city tour planned here exploring places like Naini lake, mall road, Naukachia tal etc, Himalayan zoo etc. On the following two day we will visit Sattal & Pangot. Both areas are well known for the beautiful water bodies, the surrounding forests and its rare bird species.


Day 42 – 44: Dudhwa National Park

Drive to Dudhwa – A slightly long drive of 300 km. Accommodation will be camping in dome tents. Dudhwa has also been one of the parks that has pioneered conservation in India. Dudhwa is not a very touristy park at all. Although it has a lot of wildlife. Known for its elephant sightings, rhinos and good birding. Even tiger sightings have improved recently. We have 4 jungle safaris planned here.


Day 45 – 47: Bardia National Park – Nepal

Drive to Bardia – easy drive of 25o km. Accommodation will be camping in dome tents. Well this park is not so popular as Chitvan, it still worth a visit. The park is mainly known for elephants and rhinos. Although rhinos were relocated here from Chitvan in 1986. With more than 400 bird species, it’s a rich birding area. We have 3 jeep safaris and 1 elephant safari planned here.


Day 48 – 49: Lumbini: Birth place of Gautam Buddha

Drive to the town of Lumbini – a slightly longer drive of 320 km. Accommodation will be in a hotel. Gautama Buddha was born here in 563 BCE. Hence it is one of the most important pilgrimage places for the Buddhists. The town is full of Temples, monuments and museums. We have one full day tour planned here.


Day 50 – 52: Pokhra

Drive to the town of Pokhra – an easy drive of 170 km. Accommodation will be in camping dome tents. It is the second largest city in Nepal after Kathmandu. There are so many places to see around this city. We have a tour planned to visit the Phewa Tal and Ghurkha memorial museum. One of the days here will be at leisure. Optional trips can be made to the bat cave, museums and temples.


Day 53 – 56: Royal Chitvan National Park

Drive to Chitvan – Easy drive of 150 km. Accommodation will be in camping dome tents. Chitvan is one park that needs no introduction. It is world famous for its one horned rhinos, elephants, tigers, otters, plethora of other smaller mammals and endemic birds. It has a unique mix of dense forest and open grasslands. We have 2 jeep safaris and 2 elephant safaris planned here.


Day 57 – 59: Kathmandu

Drive to Kathmandu – An easy drive of 160 km. Accommodation will be in a city hotel. It is a city which is very unique in its own way. On one side there is modernisation just like any other big city, on the other hand it is still very old, slow and charming. We have a full day city tour planned here exploring places like Pashupatinath temple, durbar square, hanuman dhoka and a couple of monasteries. We have a leisure day here as well for you to explore other highlights of Kathmandu.


Day 60 – 61: Koshi Tapu wildlife sanctuary

Drive to Koshi Tapu – long drive of 350 km. Accommodation will be in camping dome tents. This wildlife sanctuary is not on most of the people’s itineraries. It is primarily known for its birds. Every winter it gets a lot of migrants from the colder areas coming to spend the winters here. We have 2 boat rides planned here for exploring the wetlands.


Day 62 – 63: Siliguri

Drive to the town of Siliguri – easy drive of 160 km. Accommodation will be in a city hotel. We don’t have any activities planned here. We are staying here for a couple of nights for our vehicle servicing and general maintenance.


Day 64 – 65: Darjeeling

Drive upto Darjeeling – a hilly drive of 85 km. Accommodation will be in a home stay. Darjeeling is probably one of the oldest and most happening hill stations in India. It is world famous for the the tea it produces.  There are several places of interest here. We have one full day tour for exploring the Himalayan zoo, peace pagoda, tiger hill, batasia loop and a couple of monasteries.

Optional Activities: The Darjeeling Himalayan train ride (at your own expense)


Day 66 – 68: Singalila National Park

Drive to Sandakphu. Easy drive of 30 km. This forms our base for exploring the park. Accommodation will be in eco camps. Singalila is a high altitude National park. It is well known for its Red panda sightings. We will be exploring the park on short walks and old British days Landrovers.


Day 69 – 71: Gangtok

Drive to Sikkim’s capital city of Gangtok. Sikkim has been deeply influenced by Buddhism. Hence there are lots of Buddhist monasteries in Gangtok. We have one full day city tour planned here covering places like Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Enchey Monastery, MG road etc.

Optional activities: One can visit the Nathu La pass (At your own expense and subject to permission granted by authorities)


Day 72 – 73: Jaldapara National park

Drive to Jaldapara. Easy 250 km drive. Accommodation will be in camping dome tents. The area where Jaldapara is located is known as Dooars. It means the entrance, entrance to the Himalayas. The park has a good population of rhinos and elephants. We have 2 jungle safaris planned here.


Day 74 – 76: Manas National Park

Drive to the Manas National Park. An easy drive of 250 km. Manas is a national park, UNESCO Natural World Heritage site, a Project Tiger reserve, an elephant reserve and a biosphere reserve. Thats a lot of titles. The park is known for its rare and endangered endemic wildlife such as the Assam roofed turtle, hispid hare, golden langur and pygmy hog. Manas is famous for its population of the wild water buffalo. We have 4 jungle safaris planned here.


Day 77 – 79: Kaziranga National Park

 Drive to Kaziranga – slightly longer drive of 300 km. Accommodation will be in camping dome tents. Kaziranga is home to 2/3 of the world’s one horned rhino population. There are more than 2400 rhinos in the park. Herds of elephants, water buffaloes, swamp deer also inhabit the park. The park got the tiger reserve status in 2006 and since then we see the big cats more often here. We have 2 jeep safaris and 2 elephant safaris planned here.


Day 80 – 82: Guwahati

Drive to Assam’s capital city Guwahati. An easy drive of 200 km. Accommodation will be in a city hotel. This is where the trip ends for us. We will have our final trip meeting here. At night we will have our final gala/celebration dinner. On the 82nd day after breakfast we will drop you at the airport.  

  1. 3 Meals a day – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  1. Single sharing dome tents for camping
  2. Twin sharing for hotels, hostels and homestays
  3. Single sharing for hotels, hostels and homestays (only if extra single supplement charge paid)
  1. Fully equipped safari vehicle
  2. Camping and cooking equipment
  3. National park entries, forts/monuments/heritage building entries, city tours, adventure activities as mentioned in the itinerary
  4. All road tolls and vehicle taxes
  5. All ground transportation
  6. Meals as indicated
  7. Services of two crew + 1 local guide (if applicable)
  1. Visas
  2. Flights
  3. Travel insurance
  4. Airport transfers
  5. Sleeping bag
  6. Sleeping mats
  7. Optional activities
  8. Drinks, tips
  9. Items of a personal nature