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What's overlanding all about?

India is an extremely diverse nation, home to almost 1.3 billion people and almost a continent in itself. This may give you thoughts of crowded cities, markets etc. and to some extent this may be true. But this country has another face as well. The one which is also very diverse and arguably the least explored aspect of India. India's natural diversity is what we are talking about.

Be it big cats, herds of elephants in the plains, rhinos, antelopes, deer, reptiles, hundreds of birds to add to your list, pristine corals to explore, extreme habitats or simply a remote wilderness where it may only be you and nature. There are just a handful of people who have explored India on an overland expedition and nowhere will you see a scene similar to Africa or South America where overland vehicles and camping tourists are a common sight at any campsite. This also means that there are no pre-discovered routes which overlanders can follow and there are very few people with the expertise to lead an overland expedition.

Having said all this we feel it necessary to explain you the true meaning of overlanding and the different set of rules that come with it in India.

The following points are by no means exclusive to the overland trips that we operate. They are common for most of the overland trips in any developing part of the world.

Overlanding is not to be considered a packaged holiday.

Every person on the vehicle participates in one way or the other to make it happen! The kind of roads we travel and the destinations that we reach often present challenges. When they do, we all get in there as a group and sort it out. Not being a mere passenger but part of the adventure has actually been the core idea of overlanding since ages.

Plans and schedules do change

Bad roads, weather conditions, mechanical troubles, unfriendly officials, bureaucracy and few other circumstances can all lead to change in plans and schedules.

Very basic infrastructure in remote areas

We often venture into remote, no man's land where infrastructure can be very basic. On our trips/expeditions you will have the first hand experience of this country and you will see it as rugged and wild it is yet so beautiful and welcoming.

Some long days of just driving!

There will always be some long days of just driving in any overland trip and we are no exception. We have always got lots of kilometres to cover and those long drives in the back of the vehicle are inevitable. All though it may be a bit tiring but we will try to break them up a bit and have fun on the way.

Accommodations will not always be 5 star!

Camping is the essence of any overland trip and we do it a lot. Even bush camping sometimes. Although it comes with its own limitations. Some of our campsites may not have running water and electricity, so please be prepared to rough it out without showers for a couple of days. Although we will stop along the rivers to wash the dirt off.

Bush Toilets

This goes without saying really – but if you are not prepared to bare your bum to a bush then this isn't your kind of trip. When we do find toilets to use, they are often so disgusting you may prefer a bush anyway!

We are not Tour Guides

We have a sound knowledge of the places we are visiting and the route we are taking. We provide practical information about the places you will be travelling through and will offer suggestions for things to see and do – but we won't be giving a running commentary on the history, geology, flora and fauna, etc. Our job is to deal with the day-to-day logistics of running the trip and to get you to those hard-to-get-to places. There is a large amount of free time when we arrive in places, so you can go off and explore what you want to see, not what we think you should see.

Overlanding is also about the journey and the experiences along the way – and not only the destinations!!