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Why travel with Overland Expeditions India?

Overland Expeditions India is the first overland travel company to be based in India and run by locals who know India and the neighbouring countries extremely well. The itineraries are a perfect mix of well known places and off-beat destinations and offer in-depth experience of the place. There are tours that suit almost all kinds of interest and age group. The staff and specially the tour leaders are all very passionate about travel and are knowledgeable to give you the best experience.

Will this style of travel suit me?

This style of travel is very much suited for most of the people. All you need is to come with the right attitude, and be prepared to participate fully in the trip. If there is anything more difficult than the average, we have mentioned it in the itinerary and that can be taken into consideration. Although camping does require a certain degree of physical fitness. Please read through the itineraries and booking terms & conditions very carefully. We also offer Budget and Luxury accommodated trips if it suits you better. Although quite rare but if nothing suits your taste we will be glad to tailor make the trip for you.

What if I have never camped before?

Overland trips with us will be your perfect chance to do it for the first time. We have very sturdy and user-friendly camping and cooking equipments. When you will camp at the first campsite of the trip, the tour leaders will give you a briefing about setting up the camp. Very soon you will get the hang of it. On most of our overland trips there is a mix of camping, hostels, home-stays and budget hotels.

What is included and excluded in an overland trip?

Included Excluded
Fully equipped overland vehicle Visas
Camping and cooking equipment Flights
National park entries, forts/monuments/heritage building entries, city tours, adventure activities as mentioned in the itinerary Travel insurance
All road tolls and vehicle taxes Airport transfers
All ground transportation Sleeping bag and mats
Meals as indicated in the itinerary Optional activities mentioned in the itinerary
Services of two crew + 1 local guide (if applicable) Drinks, tips

How do I book the optional activities mentioned in the itineraries?

It's simple! Just let our sales team know about your interest in any of the optional activities. There are certain activities which needs to be paid for and booked in advance. Our team will take care of the bookings and the extra cost will be added to your main trip invoice. For the activities that do not require a prior booking, you can just let our tour leaders know and they will book the same for you. You can pay for it in cash to the tour leader (Don't forget to ask for an invoice).

How do I get cash while travelling?

The simplest way will be to bring your credit/debit card along. There are ATMs pretty much anywhere you go in India, Nepal and Bhutan. Most of the business establishments also accept cards payments directly. Please don't forget to inform your bank about your travel plans so that they don't block your card when you use it abroad. It is also possible to bring some US dollars as it can be changed anywhere into the local currency. We suggest you not to bring traveller's cheque as it is difficult to find banks that change them. Another option can be Western Union transfers. You can easily send yourself money through a certified Western Union agent.

How do I book my flights?

Flights are not included in our trips unless it's mentioned in the itinerary. We have a travel desk at our office that can assist you with all the flight bookings, pre and post safari accommodations. You can also choose to book the flights yourself but be clear about the charges that you may need to pay if you have to change the plans. This may be required in case of a national emergency or natural disaster.

What about internet availability on the trip?

Internet availability has improved and most of the accommodations have wifi connections. But due to the remote locations the connection can be erratic and may not be available all the time. All the major towns and cities we stay at have cyber cafes. Please note that we DO NOT guarantee internet on any of our overland trips at all.

Are all the overland trips mentioned on the website guaranteed departures?

No! If the trip is a guaranteed departure, we mention it on the trip page. This is because we need a minimum no. of 4 travellers to run a trip. When we reach this figure, the trip is a guaranteed departure. If you are booked on a trip that needs to be cancelled for any reason, our sales team will try and arrange an alternative date/trip for you.

What about malaria situation and vaccinations?

Most of the areas we go to are very low risk malaria zones. But we still suggest you to contact your doctor/travel clinic and get professional advice on malaria and other vaccinations required.

What about visas?

Travellers of any other nationality other than Nepal and Bhutan require a visa to enter India. India also offers e-visa or visa on arrival option for many nationalities. We suggest you to contact your nearest Indian embassy for the visa process. You can do the same for Nepal as well. For Bhutan the visa process is different and you can Contact Us for more details on the same.

What if I have a special dietary requirement?

Please inform us about your dietary requirements at the time of booking. Our booking form has a separate section for the same. India is a heaven for vegetarians. You will be amazed at the vegetarian variety. There will always be some vegetarian option in the food cooked while camping. The group gets divided in different cook teams that prepare meals on rotation basis catering to all dietary requirements. If you are allergic or intolerant to anything, again do let us know in advance so that we can advise you on the same.

What about the first aid kit and medical emergencies?

Our overland vehicles are all equipped with well stocked first aid kit. This is always easily accessible from the passenger seating area. The tour leaders have all gone through first aid course and are competent enough to give you first aid anywhere needed. In case of a medical emergency it will be crew's first priority to get you to the nearest medical facility. There is a basic health care centre in most of the villages and a proper hospital in all the districts.

Do I need a medical insurance?

Yes! It is mandatory for all of our travellers to come with a comprehensive travel insurance. Please fill in the details of your insurance in the booking form.