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You can hop on hop off any of our overland trips!

What does this mean?

A lot of our overland trips are very long and there may be travellers who do not have time to do the full trip. There may also be people who do want to do the full itinerary of the trip and only want to do selected destinations on the trips. We have introduced this feature especially for them. It basically means that you can board our overland vehicle anywhere you like and get down anywhere you like. We will only charge you for the days that you travel with us. Isn't this amazing?

How much does it cost?

This varies from trip to trip. We generally give you a per day rate. Although for exact pricing please contact us.

Will I have to book this feature in advance?

Yes! It also depends on the fact that whether a seat is available or not on the trip. Most of our overland trips have wildlife activities that needs to be booked in advance. So please book this feature at least one month prior to the departure date. Drop us a mail now at: info@overlandingindia.com or contact us for any hop on hop off related enquiries.